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Past shows:

March 19th & 20th, 2022 Fabled Narcissism

8pm at Ivy House Studio 322 Troutman Street, Brooklyn, NY 11237

May 21st, 2022 CREST: Creature Fest 2022 by ChristinaNoel & The Creature

8pm at Chilo’s Greenwood 740 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232

June 7th, 2022 Movement Research Open Performance 

7pm at Movement Research Ninth Street Studio 150 1st Ave, NY, NY 10009

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Societal roles are redistributed in Receipt Paper Dialogues, casting workers as the artists and consumers as the audience. When I worked in restaurants I would print out blank receipt paper to write down choreography, scores, and ideas. Now I am asking my community to engage in a creative performance practice by writing or drawing any score from their imagination onto receipt paper of their own. In performance, dancers and musicians react improvisationally to these community submitted scores. The audience is given control to change the scores live, allowing them to set the parameters of time and context. 

Artists and audiences alike can practice creative liberation combating greed, desire, and duty. Inviting people to make personal receipt scores to task the artists with, speaks to the relentlessness of consumer demand, exploitation of under-paid employees and society's reliance on over-consumption to push the conversation of our shared future. Our focus is not to place limitations on these workers and consumers similarly to how it exists in our capitalistic world, but rather to test the power dynamics of giving both agency and voice to all participating roles. Dancers and musicians act as storytellers here, interpreting each score however they feel drawn to it whether through theatricality, movement, voice, or instrumentation. Their movement and their music become a radical act of choice – choosing how to and when to perform, and whether it's for themself or for the audience.

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How long must the artists labor before the consumer is satisfied?

What scores do the audience of consumers wish to dive into or do they want to challenge the performers to switch quickly?


When is consumer demand too much?


How do transactional relationships make you feel?


How do workers set boundaries?


How does it feel to be a part of the creative process?


How does it feel to be in or out of control?


call for submissions - open to all


You are invited to participate in the creative process by directing dancers and musicians to follow your original ideas in performance. How does it make you feel to be in control of the narrative? Your score could be: a joke, a question, a recipe, a quote, a story, a drawing, a pathway you walk daily, dance or music or art vocabulary, act like a ___, a dream, gibberish, anything! Please feel free to write in any language known by you. 


We can’t wait to see how artists and audiences respond to your ideas! 


To submit your receipt paper score:

If you are outside of NYC, please reach out via email to receive the mailing address to send your physical copy to the project. If you are located in NYC, we can organize an in person meet up or drop off! Please reach out via email to coordinate this


Send your score in by May 14th to be featured in our next show at CREST Creature Fest May 21st in Brooklyn, NY! 


Grab a piece of receipt paper from work, a crumpled one from your pockets and bags, or save your next paper copy. Then draw or write down anything you can imagine to make your own score! 



Beatriz Castro

Beatriz Castro (she/they) is a Costa Rica-born and raised dancer currently based in New York City. Beatriz received a BFA in Dance and a BA in Business from Marymount Manhattan College where she got to perform in works by Earl Mosley, Anthony Morigerato, Chase Brock, Tami Stronach, and Sidra Bell. They also got to present their choreography through the Dancer’s At Work showcase, as well as the NYU Choreo Seminar and Marymount’s Honors Day Colloquium. Internationally, she has performed self-choreographed work at the Graciela Moreno Choreographers Festival, the longest-running contemporary dance event in Costa Rica. Since graduating, Beatriz has performed at Arts On Site and the Mark O’Donnell Theater at The Actor’s Fund Arts Center. Additional training includes New Dialect’s Summer and Winter Intensives, Martha Graham School Summer Intensive, Gallim Site Intensive, Revés, and Axis Connect.

Emma Andre

Emma Andre is a movement artist from the North Shore of Massachusetts. She recently graduated summa cum laude from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, earning a BFA in contemporary dance with a ballet emphasis. She’s currently located in Brooklyn, and works teaching creative movement at a public elementary school’s after school program. Her creative process often involves research through improvisation. Emma also draws, sews, and writes poetry. 

Liana Kleinman

Liana Kleinman is an interdisciplinary artist and dancer from Los Angeles, CA. Her work uses gesture and improvisation to explore intimacy, the awkward, and who we are when we wear party hats. In 2018, she received her BFA in Dance from Marymount Manhattan College, and subsequently worked with Soluq Dance Theater, The Movement Playground, and RyderDance. In 2019, she was invited to The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity's residency, Preparing the Ground, under the direction of Medhi Walerski and Pierre Pontvianne, and curated by Emily Molnar. She has been commissioned to create work for Opera Notre Dame, The Angel’s Share at Green-Wood Cemetery, No-Distance Festival, and Futile Gestures Dance. As a filmmaker, she was honored to work as a video documentation intern at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival 2016. Liana is currently pursuing her Master’s at London Contemporary Dance School researching postures of melancholia in the ecological body. Melding practices of live performance with video work, she strives to curate ecosystems for audience members to find safety, indulge in absurdity, and take space to be precious with themselves.

Monica Steffey

Monica Steffey is a Brooklyn based dancer, choreographer, and community activist. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Dance from Skidmore College where she graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2019. Monica has spent the past two years dancing for Kevin Clark, director of Soluq Dance Theater, and has been seen dancing on both the East and West coasts for VIVO Ballet, Amirov Dance Theater, and Nathan Hirschaut Dance Company. Monica has studied and performed internationally in Israel, Hungary, and Ghana. She has performed works by Ohad Naharin, Sidra Bell, Paul Taylor, Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, Shen Wei, Jason Ohlberg, Erika Pujic, and Ali Kenner Brodsky.

In 2020, Monica founded Wet Hairy Women, a dance company who produces and creates evocative performance work that uncovers raw truths of womanhood. This past year, Monica launched their first annual campaign, No Shave Wovember, leading 56 women and allies through a month-long artistic exploration of growing out their body hair, questioning societal assumptions around core principles of femininity. Monica has directed and presented her work at several community pop-ups throughout New York City in Central Park, Harlem, and Brooklyn. As a facilitator, Monica has taught for/at Soluq Dance Theater, Valleto Dance Company, New York Live Arts, Gibney Dance Center, Peridance, as well as serving as a Guest Artist Panelist for Skidmore College’s senior capstone class. 

Ragin Smith

Ragin Smith is a dance artist based in Brooklyn, New York. She works to develop deconstructed narratives by stringing together contexts of movement, poetry, visual art, and music—plugging into the interest sparked by pecking at dormant places. She has performed works by Kyle Abraham, Brendan Fernandes, Valeria Gonzalez, Andrea Miller, Elizabeth Roxas-Dobrish, Loni Landon, Troy Ogilvie, La Intrusa Company, Anthony Morigerato, and others. Ragin studied composition and modern dance, as well as business management, at Marymount Manhattan College. She is currently a member of the Wet Hairy Women Collective, Hivewild, Pacing Bodies Dance Company, and Alison Chase Performance Group.

Lily Resnikoff

Lily Resnikoff (she/her/hers) is a multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Brooklyn, NY. Hailing from a bi-cultural Franco-American upbringing, Lily is interested in observing duality through her music, using both lyrical and instrumental mediums. She has been singing and writing songs since the age of 9 and is currently pursuing a double degree in Jazz Performance and Psychology at the New School. Known under her stage name Lily Blu, Lily is an active collaborator in a blooming community of creators, whether it be by using her voice as an instrumental vehicle for collaborative performance and composition, lyric-writing or background vocalist work. Lily's creative output flows through many different disciplines (as both influences and means of expression) including jazz, live improvised electronic music, rock, singer-songwriter style, metal, psychology, poetry, sketching and more... Lily Blu performs her original compositions with her own band, in which she sings, plays guitar and works with live electronics. 

Nathan Dies

Nathan Dies is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer and producer from São Paulo, Brazil, currently based in Brooklyn, NYC. They fuse their cultural background from acapella prayers to 30’s Brazillian Samba and early 2000’s Pop to create an expressive mix of dreamy plastic synths with acoustic instruments producing songs for artists, creating sound narratives for visual projects and in their own songs. 

Sarilou Venning 

26-year-old Sarilou Venning ( ST2YOU ) is a vocalist, song-writer and performer hailing from Paris, France. Influenced by Sade, Hiatus Kayote, Pinkpantheress, and Billie Holiday, Sarilou’s sound contains influences of modern urban music with soulfulness. Her rock and funk roots intersect with her jazz vocals that brings her to new frequencies. She is the bandleader and vocalist of the upcoming indie pop/jazz band Cocomofo, signed with Abu Recordings. Cocomofo has recently released their first EP, 40 Meters Down, and is currently in final mixing for their debut album. Sarilou has been performing for the past 3 years mostly in NYC and Brooklyn. Her debut album “Moments” is planned to be released in Fall 2022. She goes under the name of ST2YOU, short for Sarilou Talking 2 you. Currently, she’s working on the newest Cocomofo album and its upcoming music videos and photoshoots.

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