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Fabled Narcissism is a multidisciplinary art show by creative directors and producers Haley Morgan Miller and Ragin Smith.

Art that lives in, on, and beyond the physical body will be featured in performances, exhibitions, and interactive experiences.


This is an evening of rendering a complete image from seemingly unacquainted stories.

Fabled Narcissism gathers and supports over 20 artists, across a variety of art forms and practices.


This cutting-edge event melds movement, theater, dance, painting, drawing, sculpture, sound, photography, textiles, media art, video art, immersive experiences, and audience participation into an evening full of mysticism and fantasy bordering both dystopian and utopian narratives. 

March 19th & 20th at 8pm

Ivy House Studio

322 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY

Contemplative entities that exist within the same space and time birth a new myth. A myth of what is and soon to be what was. A myth devised through collaboration with our surroundings, with strangers, and with the public. We are forging a network through compassion – tickling the corners of love and hate, desire and repulsion. The words breathed off the lips of our presence, the movement generated by the heat of our hearts, the thoughts combined by our interaction and introspection … collectively fabricating a story told and retold. Perhaps the familiarity runs deeper than the surface we recognize. Occupants of these walls inhabit the initial myth.


Now the question lies, how will your mind evolve the myth?

Witness          |          Reflect          |          Celebrate          |          Connect

Join us 

join us

Will your fable transmute into the collective myth of the moment?

20+ artists involved in performances and exhibitions,

followed by drinks, music & more!

Please consider making a donation to help us achieve our dream of paying these incredible emerging queer artists and facilitate their opportunities by creating an enchanting show.


We aspire to strengthen the connections between artists and their community, as well as encourage diversity of thought through immersive experiences and fresh insights from a range of emerging local artists. 

About Fabled Narcissism

A fable is a fictitious tale, perhaps one that conveys a moral lesson. To sculpt the imaginative goal and vision of the artist, they pour their passion from themselves into their work. And thus, overtime, a fable shapes to describe the artist as a narcissist. Where do these fables come from? Why is this judgment passed? Is it a misunderstanding of how and why art is made, or a probable truth that accurately describes a necessary quality to produce art? 


Beyond such, the fable mirrors to the observer – they curate understandings of works of art, and birth the myth of what it is and was. Like a tale passed down through generations, how does the public's perception guide the narrative of the artist? What resonates and why? Is this a narcissistic act to place oneself in the image of the artist or a pathway into understanding? Who is the art made for, and what matters more: the myth, or the moment?



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