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Xen Wonder

I am a multidisciplinary artist. My current medium is audio-visual poetry. Doing modeling when I first got into college was my gateway to expressing; wholly and sincerely. Once I was able to transcend emotion on the outside, I realized that nothing I ever did as a model would feel right or purposeful if I wasn't intently processing what was within.

The start of the pandemic sent us all into an emotional abyss and a limbo so still that my old love for writing became my primary way to cope. I needed a way to get right within without depending solely on the exterior. And through that, this series was born. I found a dire need to question everything and figure out what it was about this abyss that had made me view my exterior as so lacking, so unable to ensure soul satisfaction. In a way, this series is a meta statement for our existence here. It's a reinforcement that everything in the end is only a never-ending cycle of good and bad intentions. 


Through creating these poems and moments, I have been able to reconcile what's within to what's observed. In a way, I have been able to reconcile that for our world at large and my only hope is that someone can take from the series and apply that to themselves.

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